Meet Australian Expatriates In Costa Rica!

Are you an Aussie newly arrived in Costa Rica? Check out the InterNations Network to become acquainted with members of the country’s thriving expat community. The site will give you useful information and insider tips about living in Costa Rica, and sponsors events and get-togethers in regions throughout the country.

The InterNations community has been helping expatriates reach out to each other since 2007. Australians of every stripe and location, from Queensland to New South Wales, have joined the network and are very happy with the results.

There is more to being an expat than simply shipping your stuff to a new land and jumping through some bureaucratic hoops. The heart of the expat experience is socializing with fellow expats as you adjust your lifestyle and attitudes to your new existence. The Costa Rican way of life is rich and vibrant, but can seem very foreign to a newly-arriving Aussie. By meeting up with people who have already made the adjustment, your new surroundings can become familiar more quickly and comfortably.

Here are some specific benefits of joining the expat community in your town:

* Talk to people in your native tongue as you learn the Spanish language.

* Find out where to shop for Aussie food within Costa Rica. You will want to have access to all your favorite goodies, such as Tim Tam biscuits and marmite.

* Learn about Costa Rica Investing opportunities.

* Share gossip about home, such as the results of your former local rugby team.

* Attend expat forums where valuable information is shared, such as how to hire a babysitter who speaks English.

* Find out about the local ANZA club or the closest Australian consulate.

* Learn about the country’s many scenic wonders, from the volcanic cordilleras to the various one-of-a-kind conservation areas.

Membership in the community is easy and relaxed. You are free to attend meetings whenever you like. All sorts of diverse interests are explored, and get-togethers can range from cozy parties featuring traditional cassado to large celebrations where hundreds of expats gather at the country’s best locations.

There are also many sponsored trips to areas such as the rainforests and other lovely Costa Rican landmarks. Aussies are a gregarious and fun-loving people, and the expat community is a great way to express your national character traits with people just like you – people who have come to a foreign country to experience all that life has to offer.