Marketing In Australia

Australia is an excellent location to study marketing. It is uniquely situated culturally and geographically to product strong marketing opportunities for the West and the East. Australian marketers take the best from their historical ties to the West and then adapt these methods for the cultural and business environments of eastern markets to develop sales leads throughout the region. Australian universities, such as RMIT University, have established campuses in several locations throughout Asia as a way of internationalizing its marketing curriculum.

Australian marketing efforts have had to overcome the large distances involved in serving Asia, Europe, and the Americas. This has instilled in them a certain resourcefulness and ingenuity to adapt technology to erase the distance problem. This has lead to university programs that combine high standards with real-life practicality. World-class marketing programs exist at universities such as RMIT University (in Melbourne), the University of New South Wales (Sydney), and Monash University (Melbourne).

Students will find studying marketing in Australia emphasizes innovation. You can see it in all forums for marketing education. Some institutions, such as the Marketing Association of Australia, offer distance learning degrees or certificates for telecommuting students. Options also include vocational schools, undergraduate studies, and post-graduate programs.
Vocational training and education courses can range from the certificate level to the Advanced Diploma. These offer hands-on, clear-cut approaches to learning. University degree programs for undergraduates can be taken as marketing majors or as marketing minors within commerce or management degrees. The rigor of the material is the same, it’s just the amount of exposure that varies.

Post-graduate courses in marketing have grown throughout Australia. An undergraduate marketing degree is perfect preparation for the Masters degree in marketing and the study of marketing management or market research at an advanced level. Then, a specialized focus is picked, and can include electronic and direct marketing, services marketing or retail management. There are other Masters programs for individuals who did not get an undergraduate degree in marketing but are seeking a career change.
Doctoral programs provide a deep understanding of one aspect of marketing and prepare the doctoral student to perform research and teach marketing to graduate and undergraduate students.

Coupled with a superior quality of life, Australia is a tremendous attraction of marketing students.