How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business In Australia

I run a Washington DC carpet cleaning service and was recently travelling in Australia. Naturally, I was curious how they did things “down under” and I learned quite a few interesting facts. Most important of all, the better firms belong to the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI). They mentor and train new owners of carpet cleaning services. They emphasize environmental responsibility in all of their training programs, which cover research and development, marketing and distribution besides hands-on how-to instructions.

It turns out that the ACCI is the only independent Australian carpet cleaning certification program. It is formally endorsed by the carpet manufacturers and related companies, such as DuPont, 3M, and Wools of New Zealand. The ACCI was founded in 1994 and hooked up with Dr. Peter Dingle in 1996. Dr. Dingle is a leading researcher in environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning strategies. He started the Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems program that revolutionized the Aussie carpet cleaning industry.

The carpet cleaners who belong to ACCI are concerned with mold, dust mites, asthma, waste water and chemical cleaning. The Green Pathway certification grew out of these efforts, and is compliant with the ISO4001 Environmental Management System. The nice thing about the ACCI is that is a great place to get support to start your own carpet cleaning business.

Here is what they offer to the budding entrepreneur:

* Direct, personal training with the most distinguished carpet cleaning experts in Australia

* With a full membership, you get one year of technical support.

* They will sell you all the chemicals and equipment you need to get started.

* Learn techniques producing results that rival those of the top professionals in the industry worldwide.

* Oversight from Australia’s most successful carpet cleaners.

* Freedom from restrictive licensing or franchising rules and fees.

* Insights into a low risk, low cost, high return business that is under your direct control.

* Most competitive prices in the training industry.

For those businessmen who are attracted to a franchise model of ownership, the ACCI offers such a program. It’s probably the fastest and most foolproof way of starting up your carpet cleaning business. The rewards can be substantial – there are plenty of stories of hard-working people building small fortunes with their carpet cleaning businesses. By receiving proper training and using the most sustainable materials and techniques, an Aussie carpet cleaner can look forward to a comfortable and rewarding career.