Get A Taste Of Australia In San Diego

For a visitor from Sydney, Australia, San Diego real estate must seem very familiar, since both locations share a perfect Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Beaches and seaside views abound, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Aussie expats who can’t afford a ticket home right now can get their down-under fix by visiting San Diego and taking in the sites. in the sites.

You can walk, drive, take public transport or a cheap cab. We’ve put together a seven-day plan to introduce you to the best San Diego has to offer:

Day 1: We recommend you begin by waxing up your surf board and heading out to a famous beach, such as Torrey Pines State Beach or La Jolla. After spending the day shooting the curl, you’ll swear you are back in Sydney walking the nose at Bondi Beach.

Day 2: Try an ocean wildlife amusement park to remind you of Sydney’s Oceanworld Manley, where the Shark Dive XTreme and the Great Barrier Reef exhibit stun millions every year. You can save a lot of money by instead visiting Sea World in San Diego. Highlights include Shamu the whale, well-dress penguins, and the amazing Shark Encounter.

Day 3: OK, the Sydney Opera House is, we admit, amazing. The sail-inspired roof thrills everyone who gets a chance to view it in Sydney Harbor. The San Diego Opera may be a little more modest, but it is proud to employ the services of General and Artistic Director Ian Campbell, who was raised in Sydney and attended the University of Sydney.

Day 4: Miss your fuzzy little koala friends? Well, c’mon down to the San Diego Zoo to visit some of the furry guys who have made the trip from Australia. If you say “G’Day” to them, they will feel right at home. Of course, we know koala bears are not bears at all; they are marsupials, just like kangaroos and wallabies.

Day 5: Sydney and San Diego share world-class waterfronts. You can take in the sights at the USS Midway Museum, than stroll along the Embarcadero for the finest in shopping and dining.

Day 6: The San Diego Botanic Garden will remind you of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Many of the plants are different, but the mood set by the shaded trails is almost identical.

Day 7: End your walkabout with some fine local wines. Visit the Temecula wine-growing region. By your second bottle, you’ll swear you are back home, or better yet, you won’t care where you are!