Domestic Garage Door Standards In Australia

Authorities in Australia have noted an increase in the number of garage doors being blown out of their guides. The high wind areas in Northern Australia are often cited as the culprit. If wind releases a roller door from its guide, it can cause personal injury, even to an Aussie. If the car is parked behind the roller door, it can hurt your wallet. The solution is to install windlock door guides to ensure that no wind will be able to blow open the door. Windlock door guides have been used for years on Chicago garage doors – Chicago is known as the “windy city”.

The secret is the windlock clip that is securely affixed to the door curtain. The clip fits into the guide section of the door to ensure stability while still affording it a little wiggle room. This brings us to the question: how do you figure out the standards for the manufacture of garage doors in Australia? Well, it so happens that just such a standard has been published.

It’s called AS/NZS 4505. In it you will find requirements for domestic Australian garage door:

* Design

* Construction

* Performance

* Installation

And wait, there’s more! The standard also specifies the loads on the structures to which garage doors are mounted. There is a section called “Performance Requirements for Wind Loads” which makes great beach reading – it specifies the test pressures for classifying design win loads.

If you manufacture Australian garage doors, AS/NZS 4505 is your bible. If you faithfully follow all of its teachings, your door will be anointed with a special label that has your company name and the door’s design wind speed classification. Lo to any manufacturer who fails to meet the standards!

Now, if you are a builder and are not quite sure what the likelihood of high winds is in your area, you need to make it your business to find out. Once you have gathered this important factoid, you will know which classification of door is required for the structure you are building. You must also take into account the structure’s exact location and orientation – which way is it facing and is there a tree or some other windbreak in front of the proposed spot for the new garage door. Another factor is vehicle height — you may need to create an extra-tall door to accommodate, say, a SUV with rooftop aftermarket automotive lighting accessories.

Frankly, we never spent a lot of time thinking about Australian garage door wind safety until we wrote this article.