Australian Website Design Courses

There are two basic types of website designers here in Australia: those who want to create there own websites, and those who wish to make website design a career. In either case, it is often a good idea to take one or more website design course from an accredited graphics school or university program. There are numerous diploma and certificate courses available throughout

Australia, and most are very affordable. You can look at programs that lead to certificates in:

* Online Design

* Web Design

* Desktop Publishing

* Advertising and Graphic Design

For those of you interested in doing your own website, a good graphic design can be very pleasing, but remember that it is content and backlinks that will generate visitor traffic. The trick is to marry your excellent design with well-structured content, and to make sure your website receives links from other websites.

It is often said that “Content is King”, and that is certainly true regarding websites. First of all, make sure your content is literate, grammatical, and free from errors of spelling and punctuation. Include keywords that match the queries that will be entered by Internet users whom you wish to attract. In order to achieve a good page rank in one of the search engines, your topic must be unambiguous.

To further raise your page rank, you want to have authoritative websites linked to your site – search engines give you credit for numerous, on-topic backlinks and will raise your page rank accordingly. An “authoritative” website is one that already has a high page rank, say five or higher. An .edu and .org site backlink is especially useful. You can use a tool to check backlinks to see who is linked to your site and what their page ranks are.

When you add good design to a website with excellent content and relevant backlinks, you have a winning formula for success. If you decide that you want to take some courses in website design, look for a school that has the following attributes:

* Friendly, personalized instruction

* Small class sizes that focus on one specific topic

* Teachers who are graphics professionals and can impart industry experience

* Job support – you’d like your school to help you find a job if you plan to make this your career

Good graphic design schools can teach a number of different tools and techniques to suit any taste. If you have rudimentary skills in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash or Dreamweaver, you can receive in-depth training that will make you an expert. And you will find out that students of all ages are interested in website design, so whether you are in your teens or your seventies, there is an Australian website design course that will educate and entertain you.